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SOFENA pressrelease 2

The meeting was attended by partners from all organizations involved in the project who discussed the activities related to the development of a methodology for the collection of best practices for certification of buildings and the organization of transnational working group associated with the exchange of experience and trainings on energy management of buildings.

During visits to local sites of implemented measures for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources the Regional Administration - Gabrovo presented the  experience of the project "Green investments in energy efficiency of office building on the" 30, Bryansk street"  in Gabrovo" under Priority axis 1 of the National Green Investment Scheme of NCEF. The building is the first public building in Bulgaria with installed photovoltaic panels on the facade. The heating system and boiler are totally renewed, the  walls are insulated and the windows of the building are fully replaced.

Project TRACE "Transnational cooperation to improve the energy efficiency of buildings" is financed under Operational Programme "South East Europe" 2007 - 2013. The meeting in Gabrovo was attended by Mrs. Alessandra Pala - Representative of the Technical Secretariat of the program, who stressed that this is one of the few projects that she attend, but was chosen because of the importance that the Commission attaches to the problem. The project is the only one on this topic in the field of low carbon communities program for the fourth and final period call for projects.

The project aims to improve the coordination, exchange of good practices and transfer of know-how in the field of energy efficiency in buildings owned by the state. The Leading organization is the Municipality of Piraeus - Greece. The other partners are energy efficiency agencies and public institutions of 9 countries in Southeast Europe. They will combine their efforts to study the pattern of cooperation between national, regional and local administrations to implement the Directive on the energy performance of buildings.

The project duration is two years and officially expected to be completed in October 2014

More information can be found on its website:

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The TRACE project is being co-funded under Priority Axis 2 - Protection and Improvement of the Environment of the South East Europe Programme, achieving the corresponding objectives through the Area of Intervention (AoI) 2.4 - Promote energy and resources efficiency.

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