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SOFENA pressrelease 4

On September 25, 2014 in the of Piraeus, Greece the final conference of the project TRACE - "Transnational cooperation to improve energy performance and efficiency of buildings", financed under the Programme for Transnational Cooperation in South-eastern Europe took place.

The conference was organized by the lead partner of the project - Municipality of Piraeus and was held in the halls of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The event was attended by all consortium partners of TRACE, which brings together 13 partners from 9 countries as well as representatives of local businesses and the city municipal administration. The welcome speech was given by Mr. Alexandros Argoudelis, Deputy Mayor for technical services and infrastructure networks at the Municipality of Piraeus.

Each partner presented the results of the studies, analysis and research on key topics included for consideration in the project. Issues such as "The role of regional governments in SEE on the energy performance of buildings", "Political instruments to promote energy efficiency investments in buildings “and "Territorial strategies and policies to achieve long-term objectives in the field of energy efficiency in buildings” were discussed in detail.

The participants shared best practices on improving energy performance and efficiency of existing buildings and summarized the financial feasibility of investment in this area.

 During the conference the role of the TRACE project in promoting international cooperation between research centres and public authorities and the significance of the results to improve energy efficiency in buildings were highlighted. Emphasis was given to the general contribution of the project to accelerate the implementation of the necessary reforms and measures to achieve the objectives set out in Directive 2010/31 / EC (EPBD) and the EU Agenda 2020.

Additional information and presentations from the conference are available on the project website:

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The TRACE project is being co-funded under Priority Axis 2 - Protection and Improvement of the Environment of the South East Europe Programme, achieving the corresponding objectives through the Area of Intervention (AoI) 2.4 - Promote energy and resources efficiency.

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