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TRACE project

The TRACE project aims to support local and regional administrations in the South East Europe to the significant role they have in developing, upholding and advancing policies and mechanisms for improving the energy efficiency in buildings.

Making buildings of public and private sector 20% more energy efficient by 2020 is among the main targets of the European Union according to Europe 2020 energy strategy and the EPBD Recast (Directive 2010/31/EU). That target can only be accomplished with the local and regional authorities acting not in isolation but as partners.

The TRACE project contributes to the transfer of know-how and the exchange of good practices, making more efficient the partnership of authorities at all levels, facilitating that way the implementation of the strategy of the European Union towards making the building sector more efficient.

The TRACE project is being co-funded under Priority Axis 2 - Protection and Improvement of the Environment of the South East Europe Programme, achieving the corresponding objectives through the Area of Intervention (AoI) 2.4 - Promote energy and resources efficiency.

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